About Me

I've been designing (and occasionaly building) interfaces and digital products since 2008.

Personal Ethos

As a designer, I believe my job is all about empathy, communication, and collaboration. Products have to serve both the people who use them and support the businesses that create them. A designer must provide solutions that balance these two forces while also being possible to build.

A designer also knows when to reach out for help and work with others to gain different perspectives and additional expertise. A designer must clearly communicate their ideas and work with a team because building a product can't be done alone.

Over the years I've had the pleasure to learn from some great people and build products for some great companies


Want to know more?

I currently work at Learnvest/ Northwestern Mutual designing financial planning software, and was consulting at Moment prior to that. If you're curious about the rest of my work history you can check out my LinkedIn profile or download my resume.

I've been trying to write more of my own thoughts on design. You can also check out interesting design ideas that I've kept track of. I share stuff on twitter as @smcrowe too.

You can also contact me directly at hello@seancrowe.com.

Outside of work

I live in Brooklyn with my talented wife, our daughter and our silly dog. Outside of design, I'm obsessed with cycling, cephalopods, and adventure.