Digital Product designer, dad, cyclist, SCi-Fi nerd, and octopus enthusiast

Sean Crowe

I like solving puzzles and helping teams make complex systems approachable and learnable.

Once upon a time, I studied storytelling and cinematography and then started a professional career as a designer. Over the past ten years, I’ve built marketing websites, researched and designed mobile + web apps as a consultant, and designed software along side agile product teams.

I’m currently in the SF bay area as a design manager at Xero. I’m looking for new opportunities to join a team of humble, smart people building tools that make someone’s life or job better.




Small business software

@ Xero

Xero Expenses

(Casestudy coming soon…)

Lead design and contributed to strategy for a new product offering called “Xero Expenses” to help small businesses manage reimbursable employee purchases.



Life insurance & Personal Finance Management tools

@ Northwestern Mutual / Learnvest

Getting your financial facts straight

Launched a new tool for Learnvest financial planners to manage client information, build, and deliver an algorithmically generated financial plan.

Rearchitecting NM Connect

(Casestudy coming soon…)

Set design direction and a scaleable information architecture for a foundational redesign of Northwestern Mutual’s financial planner web app.



Design & UX COnsulting

@ Moment Design

Defining a Great Big Story

Took the spark of an idea and helped a product team create a new business to bring quality storytelling back to people’s feeds.

Evolving a historic membership business

Brought Bookspan & Book of the Month Club into a truly digital business model and service platform

Building an empathy toolkit

Communicated research insights by reframing personas into a modular toolkit for designers, product owners and engineers to build more user empathy.


Recent thoughts


I believe a good designer works with others to gain different perspectives and additional expertise because software can’t be built and delivered alone.